Why you need Facebook and Instagram Marketing


Having 1.4 billion active users every day, chances that your ideal target audience is on Facebook is very high, and taking advantage of that should be a definite yes.

Here are 3 tools you’ll need to get started:

1. Facebook page

Having a Facebook page is free and easy to set up, allowing anyone to like, find your business online, and learn more about your business.

With your page set up, you can use Facebook’s analytics tool, Facebook insights, to see how well your page is performing in terms of page likes, followers, engagement levels and more. Setting up your page also allows you to create content to post on it to reach out to users.

2. Facebook ads

Facebook ads allow you to zero in on the target audience you want based on their demographics, location, interests, behaviours and more. You can even enter a list of email addresses or phone numbers and Facebook ads will do the rest, creating a Custom Audience or a Lookalike Audience for you.

You can even choose the placements of where you want your Facebook ads to appear on – besides Facebook’s desktop and mobile Feeds, you can place your ads on Facebook and Instagram stories, Instagram Feed, Facebook Messenger and other Facebook publisher-owned apps and sites. Different placements allow for different creatives to be used, and some placements offer the option to use custom creatives, to fit the aspect ratio.

3. Facebook Groups

Creating your own Facebook group is a good way to reach out to your potential customers and increase your level of engagement. You can use this group as a base point to either get customers to talk about your products and services, or share your knowledge and expertise with your customers.


With more than 300 million active users on the app every day and 70% of users searching up brands on the platform, it is no wonder Instagram is the next big thing.

Here are 3 tools you need to market on Instagram:

1. Instagram business profile

Creating a business profile allows you to not only create and publish ads, it also gives you access to insights where you can track the performance of your posts while allowing Instagram followers to contact you.

Instagram insights shows you statistics such as impressions, engagement levels, a breakdown of demographics of followers and more. All these are important data to your business because now you know who your ideal and real target audiences are and how to better target them.

The content you post should also be aesthetically pleasing and engaging. In fact, a study by Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and Yahoo Labs found that pictures with faces garner 38% more likes and 32% more comments. The optimal time to post in general is between 8am-9am and 2am, while Mondays and Thursdays drive the most engagement.

2. Instagram ads

Instagram ads allow you to post either a picture, a 1-minute video, or carousel to showcase your products or services to customers. Instagram ads help you to narrow in on the specific target audience you have in mind to ultimately convert them into customers.

Instagram stories, where you can post a picture or 15-second video that disappears after 24 hours, are another way to engage and generate leads. 33% of the most viewed stories come from businesses, making it a great way for you to reach out to your potential customers.

Collaborating with other relevant influencers to promote your business is another way of advertising on Instagram. Since they already have a large pool of Instagram followers, having them post about your business may drive more traffic to your business.

3. Instagram hashtags

Coming up with an interactive hashtag can get your account to be noticed since anyone who searches for that specific hashtag will see your post, which is free advertising for your business.

Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags, which can either be posted in the text body of your caption or in the first comment. It is crucial to choose hashtags that are active and relevant to your post and business in order to garner attention.

To sum it up, using social media platforms to market your business is becoming the norm so it’s high time to for you to embrace digital marketing! Ninety Four, a digital marketing agency, provides digital marketing services for our clients, and Facebook and Instagram marketing are just two of the digital marketing services that we do. Check our website for more services today!