Facebook and Instagram - How Do They Impact Web Traffic?

It is a common scene to see people looking down at their phones – during their commute, between meetings, during lunch. The world has now become increasingly reliant on online platforms and social media networks to connect with others and get updated. Some of the biggest social networking platforms you probably know are namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. We will be talking about two of the platforms in this article today: Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook started out as a social networking website where users share text posts, photographs news links or other interesting content on the web. Now, other features such as live chatting and watching videos are also available on the site. The shared content can be made accessible to the general public or only to a specific group of family or friends, or even with just one person. Similarly, Instagram is a social networking app made specially for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. Everyone who creates an account on any of the platforms will have their own profile and a news feed for them to get updates from people whom they ‘follow’.

Currently, both Facebook and Instagram have become popular platforms which businesses use to reach out to their potential customers. How exactly do they impact web traffic for business websites?

Firstly, Facebook is the top social network to reach out to various users from all over the world. Based off a research in early 2018, Facebook has 2.2 billion active users monthly, making it the go-to site for businesses that want to expand its reach. As for Instagram, it hit 1 billion active users monthly in June 2018. Within that statistics – 80% of these users are outside the US, which suggests that the platform has massive global reach. These figures make it ideal as a platform for businesses to boost their visibility.

Secondly, Facebook and Instagram have some of the most highly engaged users – with Instagram ranking first and Facebook ranking second. Users shared more than 95 million images and videos on an average day. Those posts yield about 4.2 billion likes in just a single day.

Thirdly, with the usage of both Facebook and Instagram – businesses can garner a larger group of users. Facebook has 72% of online adults using the platform. Also, even though Facebook is more popular with women than with men, as with Instagram, 77% of females and 66% of male internet users are on Facebook. Instagram on the other hand keeps users on the site for a much longer time as compared to other platforms.

In terms of age groups, both Facebook and Instagram are most popular among the 18-29 age group, with Facebook having 82% of internet users and Instagram having 55% of the users in the age group on Instagram platform. For Facebook, there are a bigger portion of internet users within the age groups of 30-49 years and 50-64 years using the platform. This shows that Facebook is effective for reaching out to internet users across various age groups while Instagram is more catered towards the younger crowd.

Lastly, advertisements on Facebook generally perform well, resulting in a large ad revenue. Studies have shown that Facebook ads are much better than regular web ads, which is possibly due to the fact that Facebook ads’ click-through rates are including those from both desktop and mobile Facebook ads – which is one step ahead of regular web ads which might only include either one type of ads. As for Instagram, you are able to run advertisements on the platform and mainly boost the brand awareness. To do that, it has to be tightly involved with Facebook. With the help of a Facebook business account, you are able to run all sorts of advertisements on both Facebook and Instagram in order to drive potential customers and followers to the page. You are also able to promote specific products directly, with the help of shoppable posts where items are tagged with the price and linked straight to the site. Hence, Facebook and Instagram work hand-in-hand if Instagram advertisements are to be implemented for your business.

It is very important to update your content regularly and interact with followers of the page when using social marketing platforms. Not doing so will reflect poorly on the business as it social media is also often considered part of customer service provided by the company. With that, the company should be represented on the social media in a professional manner with professional management too – only a specific team should be allowed to handle the Facebook page or Instagram account as errors or misunderstandings might be caused if incorrect information is sent out to followers.

In conclusion, both Facebook and Instagram are great for business marketing if utilised properly. Here at Ninety Four, we provide creation and maintenance of Facebook and Instagram advertisements to drive more customers to your website, in order to garner more brand awareness.