Introduction to Web Development

In recent years, site builders and CMS platforms have made it easier and more accessible for people to create websites for their businesses. You can simply purchase a domain name, host a site, and create content using bare-bones HTML, blogging platforms like WordPress, or content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal or Joomla. With so many options available, it is difficult to narrow down and decide which platform works best for your business. Do you really need to engage a professional web developer to build your website using custom code from scratch? Are plugins from WordPress good enough?

Truth is, different types of web development work for different businesses. This is dependent on what you want to achieve through your website. Are you doing e-commerce or is your website just for informational purposes?

Here are some of the pros and cons of building a website with custom codes.


  • Custom code gives you full control over its layout and appearance and is able to create complex designs.

  • Custom code websites are specifically created for your brand, business, or product. They are uniquely tailored for your audience. Colours, fonts, and layouts are considered from square one and can be developed with the full knowledge on how it will enhance your online brand.

  • Custom web design allows you to have stronger control over how the final code structure will work and look. This is important because search engines like organized codes, which makes your website SEO-ready.

  • You can also be certain that custom code websites will be sized responsively for mobile devices, which account for half of all searches

  • Custom code web designs are more adaptable and can be updated more easily in future

  • Custom code can minimize the issue of code bloat, code conflict and other potential issues that come up when using many plugins.

  • Some templates may not be equipped and ready for e-commerce functionality, or even capable of supporting e-commerce. Custom code web design won’t be limited to template constraints or limitations. Choosing custom web design over website templates allows you to easily tailor your website's functions according to your needs.

  • Custom code software is almost always more secure than a commercial or open source one. This is because hacking any canned software is generally more attractive than hacking a custom one – since with mass solutions, a hacker can abuse many sites at once.

  • A custom website can be way easier to maintain and upgrade.


  • Custom coding a website takes an extended period of time, compared to template-based websites.

  • Custom websites are more expensive to build, depending on the complexity of the design.

  • Building a website from scratch requires more involvement and control during the development process to ensure your ideas are realised.

  • Custom code requires expertise and experience from certified developers

  • Like buildings, the website needs maintenance too. Wordpress evolves every few months – best practices change, functions get deprecated, and new ones are created to improve. Codes need to be updated in between releases in order to function.

In a nutshell, developing a website using custom code allows you to have the best flexibility and security. However, it will take more time compared to using ready-made solutions such as website builders (like Wix) and CMS platforms (like WordPress).