Pastaria Abate @ Craig Road - A Taste of Italy

Did you know that true blue Carbonara contains no cream at all? If you don’t, now you do. And if you did, your search for The Carbonara will officially end at the freshly opened, Pastaria Abate.

Pastaria Abate is an Italian family restaurant run by couple, Gino and Jemima Abate. They serve traditional handmade pasta made in-house daily at a surprisingly affordable price.

Born and bred in Italy, Gino Abate grew up with the taste of homemade Italian pasta. Seeing as the Italian cuisine available in Singapore are either swanky uptown restaurants serving an authentic Italian menu at exorbitant prices or hastily put together fare using cheap ingredients, the Abate’s decided to fill in the middle ground whereby the food is authentic yet the quality is not compromised.

Coming from the South where they cook everything with tomatoes, their signature yet most underrated item would be the plain ol’ Marinara, which is the base for all their red sauces. Using what Gino proclaims are the best tomatoes in the world, a pot of San Marzano tomatoes are simmered on very low heat for at least eight hours, if not more, to draw out the natural sweetness from the tomatoes.

Pastaria Abate allows customers to customise their own pasta with a variety of pasta and sauces to choose from. Pastas are categorised into egg pasta, pasta and specialty pasta with interesting flavours such as squid ink and mushroom pasta. Their sauces are also categorised accordingly into red sauce, cream sauce, and lastly the white and wine sauce. Spoilt for choice, if you can’t decide on a combination, feel free to ask the staff for recommendations. Jemima recommends pairing the meaty red sauce with Tagliatelle as it will hold the sauce well, Carbonara on the other hand, goes well with both thin and thicker pasta such as Spaghetti or Penne. Be as adventurous and unique as you want but a word of caution from the owners, not all combinations works, especially Carbonara and squid ink pasta.

Another interesting thing you will noticed at Pastaria Abate is that they serve their wine in short drinking glasses, not the fancy wine glasses you’d have expected. At Pastaria Abate, they believe that their customers are over at their home for a meal. No one drinks from wine glasses at home, everyone downs their alcohol from normal drinking glasses. The Abates love company and they keep the atmosphere light-hearted with casual conversations and warm smiles, the self service system at the shop also gives them more opportunities to connect with their customers while keeping cost low at the same time.

Although only open for business for less than a month, Pastaria Abate has been seeing many regulars already. What’s not to love with the low prices and good quality fare? Affordable, traditional and casual, Pastaria Abate is a place to visit for authentic Italian cuisine without having to look like you own two Audis or burning a hole in your pocket.

Check out our interview with the Abates below 👇

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Find Pastaria Abate at 43 Craig Road, Singapore 089681.