The GoDown @ Zion Road - A Trove of Treasures

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the Lion City lies The Godown, which is quite literally a godown from the past - a warehouse safeguarding and selling a mix of vintage trinkets and priceless antiques to modern paraphernalia you’d love to adorn your homes with.

Founded by Audrey Lee who’s also the director of Audrey Lee Interiors, she started out in search of that one statement piece to complete her projects. However, her constant expeditions culminated in her brainchild, The Godown, to house and share her finds from around the world with those who’d visit her humble hideaway in the heart of Singapore.

Visitors of The Godown have described their experience as “cool, funky and reminds them of different places in Europe.”

Audrey sources her collection from around the world, such as Sri Lanka, Netherlands and Switzerland. Some were found at trade fairs and antique shops while others were gathered through word of mouth and friends. Her very first piece was an old paint-speckled enamel lampshade, which was passed down to her by her father, who was also an avid collector. Audrey recalled spending hours painstakingly scraping off the paint to restore the lampshade to its former glory. The lampshade has since been sold off.

“What you see here in the shop is all the passions that I have. Beautiful things, things that are unique, quirky, fun, have a little bit of a story to tell,” says Audrey. Amongst her vast collection is a vintage camera from the 1920s, which has long lost its use but still in great condition. A perfect accent piece for your study.

Other vintage items found in the store are vinyl records, smoking pipes and even an old map of the United Kingdom, which contains the historical names of the countries within the UK at the time.

With a strong belief in recycling, Audrey presents unwanted objects such as window grills, glass bottles, oil drums and wood from old ships in a different perspective. An old window grill, fixed with a mirror and frame would transform into a unique wall hanging.

Another recycled gem is an old radio that has been tuned receive transmission from today’s FM station.

Audrey also hopes that at The Godown, visitors would be able to find, what was once someone else's treasure and make it their own.

Watch our interview with Audrey Lee below 👇

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Find The Godown at 44 Zion Road, Singapore 247776.