Useful Digital Marketing Tools - DoubleClick By Google


Digital marketing has many different aspects, and it can hence be very tedious to handle the various campaigns online. Advertising on “Search and Display Networks” can especially be complicated. But not to fear, there are many tools available online now to help make your digital marketing more efficient.

One of these tools would be the DoubleClick by Google. DoubleClick is a business that provides digital marketers with advanced advertising tools set for ad serving and ad management solutions.

There are six products under their belt:

DoubleClick Ad Exchange

This platform creates a more open display advertising ecosystems that connects agencies, ad networks and demand-side platforms. It is a real-time marketplace, allowing you to buy or sell display advertising space. This would mean more quality sites for Adwords advertisers to run display advertisements on and more quality display advertisers for Adsense publishers.

DoubleClick Bid Manager

This demand-side platform allows you to buy display media for advertising. Algorithms analyse impressions and optimizes buying in real time to meet your advertising objectives. It would also allow you to target the right type of audience at right moments by combining audience and contextual data.

DoubleClick Search

This search management platform helps you efficiently manage multiple marketing campaigns, across multiple search engines and media channels. For example, you can be advertising on both Google Adwords and Bing Networks. Hence, you can use DoubleClick Search to manage, track and analyse all your campaigns on these two search advertising platforms, all on one site.

DoubleClick Campaign Manager

This refers to a third party ad server that allows you to develop a plan, execute and measure all your display network campaigns. It delivers ads to customers and measures all online advertising. You can make ad placements, create Floodlight tags, push Google Tag Manager and complete trafficking solutions.

DoubleClick Studio

A rich media production and workflow tool for creative developers to streamline rich media activities and take control of turn-around times. It simplifies ad creation and management with tools such as Studio API, Layouts and Google Web Designer. You can also build rich media ads faster using formats and features such as Youtube mastheads, mobile in-app and Google Display Network Lightbox ad units.

Google Analytics 360 Suite

This service consists of these six different applications – Attribution 360, Data Studio 360, Audience Center 360 and Optimize 360. It is meant to help agencies and marketers with the right customer at the right time and help advertisers understand their customers’ journey better.

Many big name companies are using DoubleClick, such as Microsoft, L’Oreal, Nike, Apple and so on. This ends up speaking volumes about the usefulness of this tool. Google is constantly improving DoubleClick as well – which means that it would only get better and more efficient with time. Hence, learning how to use this tool can improve your skills tremendously as a digital marketer and achieve the best results for the campaigns.