Netflix's Content Marketing Strategy

Netflix has come a long way from a humble DVD-by-mail company. It has now become one of the World's leading television network with 104 million subscribers in over 190 different countries and won numerous awards for it's original programming - Primetime Emmy Awards. It's popularity is growing rapidly, and it can definitely attribute it's success to it's content marketing strategy.

The move from curating content to creating content

Netflix paid huge sums of money to license other people's content, which are television shows and movies that other companies have produced - such as "Lost" and "Breaking Bad". The cost is ever-increasing, and it pushed Netflix to produce its own shows.

In 2013, it released its first few original dramas including "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black", which were well-received. Producing such quality content was definitely a strategic move for Netflix because in order to watch these exclusive shows, people would have to subscribe to Netflix. This helped them to increase its number of subscribers as well as profits.

Making it about their audience

Netflix collects all sorts of data, including the time of day that people would watch certain genres, when they start or stop watching, what they rewind to rewatch and whether they watch Netflix on their television, laptop or phone. This would give them insight to people's taste and preferences.

For example, Netflix used those data collected to decide that "House of Cards" was the type of series their audience would watch, and they were right. It was an immediate hit, with a 9 out of 10 rating on IMDb. Another example would be how Netflix conducted a survey and found out that 76 percent of viewers enjoyed binge-watching shows and about the same number said that it actually made shows more enjoyable. Hence, Netflix started releasing all of a season's episodes at once. By using these data to cater to audience's needs, it increases their satisfaction with the service and makes them loyal to Netflix.

Receiving personalised communications

Netflix's algorithms and data collection allows the company to recommend specific shows to consumers. For example, if a consumer watches shows like "Orange is The New Black", Netflix will recommend shows that are similar. Algorithms and data collection also allows for personalisation in promotions for shows. 10 different trailers were created for promoting season 2 of "House of Cards" based on user's age, gender and viewing preferences. For instance, if the Netflix user is female, she might get a trailer that is focused on the female characters in the show.

Content on social media appeals to their target audience

Netflix knows that their audience loves humorous content that they can share with their friends, hence they often post funny GIFs, memes and videos on their social media accounts. They also make these content relatable to their audience. For example, they know how hard it is for a user to stop watching a show once they are hooked, resulting in unfinished work piling up. They post memes regarding this problem, which results in users being able to relate and becoming more engaged with the content.

With Netflix's content marketing strategy being such a huge success, businesses could learn a thing or two from them to win over consumers.