Different Types of Facebook Advertisements

With an average number of 1.15 billion mobile daily active users on Facebook, Facebook ads present a huge opportunity for businesses to reach out to new audiences. The business platform for Facebook has progressed and expanded with it's growing popularity. It is no longer as easy as before to have a Facebook Advertisement, it has been diversified into many types so as to cater to different business goals and purposes. Depending on the campaign goal, the type of Facebook Advertisements chosen by the businesses will vary.

Drive traffic and leads

1. Link Click Advertisements

For traffic-oriented campaigns, link click advertisements are the most effective as it allows businesses to direct traffic to their external website or blog post. This is the most popular and common Facebook Advertisement format. There is a variety of creative options to chose from, apart form the common "Still Image" Advertisement. Businesses have the option of video advertisements, or a carousel of images which link to different pages.

2. Boosted Page Posts

This is a simple type of advertisement which involves boosting an existing organic post that businesses have already posted on their Facebook page. This mainly works at boosting the outreach to existing target audience, and also a great way to figure what content is preferred by the target market.

Increase Sales and Leads

1. Lead Advertisement

Without having to leave the page or the application itself, Facebook users are able to sign up for offers or newsletters from business. This would mean that users can provide their information with the integration of Facebook, which would help to autofill some of their details. This streamlining of the process for users, makes it more effortless and encourages more users to engage with it.

2. Dynamic Product Advertisements

Through the monitoring of past engagements, Facebook promotes products to those who have expressed interest in it. This would be through the website, app or other sites on the Internet. Thus, it is highly effective in reaching the right people who are more likely to purchase the product.

3. Canvas Advertisements

These are interactive and help to shorten the distance between the messages sent by the business and the consumers. For instance, it allows users to engage in the content on Facebook through their mobiles. It includes watching videos, swiping through a carousel of images, tilting images to pan and engage all in a single advert. As mentioned by Facebook itself, "Consumers won't just view the business's story, they will become a part of it.

Improve likes and engagement

1. Page Like Advertisements

Page like ads simply feature the page, by providing a snapshot and brief introduction of the page. It displays a “like” button which is a clear call-to-action for users to immediately like the page.

2. Page Post Engagement Ads

Page post ads can be in the form of text, which is plain and less engaging thus not usually recommended. Else, it can be in the form of videos or photos, which attracts more attention as it is more visually appealing. Visual aid in posts have s a more lasting impact on consumers, thus builds a stronger connection and higher audience engagement.

App installs

1. Mobile App Ads

Only available on the Facebook mobile app, such ads help direct users instantly to the businesses’ app through the app store. The instant “install” button on the ad has a direct call-to-action which allows the users to engage with the product immediately.

Physical visits to store or events

1. Event Ads

Facebook events serve to inform and spread the word about an upcoming event. It can help extend the outreach as users can invite their friends and their event activity will appear on their friend’s timeline who will be aware of the event. To make the outreach more relevant, the ads can be restricted according to geographical locations to reach selected target audiences.

2. Offer Ads

Offer ads are an excellent way to target those who are already familiar with the advertised brand. It instills a sense of urgency when combined with the offer discount, thus users will be motivated to click it instantly.

Overall, different advertisement types serve to cater to different goals; drive traffic, increase sales and leads, improve likes and engagement, app installs and physical visits to the store. By adopting the right types of Facebook advertisement aligned to their campaign needs, businesses will be able to better attain their goals.