Does Influencer marketing work and Should businesses engage in it?

Marketing is all about your audience. In order to successfully market your content, it has to attract and engage the right audience. As simple as it may sound, in today’s world where consumers are overwhelmed with content; it is definitely not easy.

Hence many businesses have turned to engaging in influencer marketing, which helps cut through the clutter and effectively reach out to their target audience.

So what exactly is influencer marketing? It is a form of relationship building, where businesses tap into the network that influencers have already built and connect with them to extend your target reach. Influencer marketing is something new, hence many people are still skeptical but businesses should definitely move forward with influencer marketing.

Here are three reasons why influencer marketing works and how businesses need to engaging it now:

It cuts through the clutter

With traditional advertising, audiences have turned passive to the messages due to content overload and mismatch. However, influencer marketing works well since the audiences will be more receptive to the content as the marketing messages would be well integrated into the influencer’s content. It is less aggressive compared to traditional advertising and breaks through the noise that advertising creates.

It conveys trust

Influencers become who they are because people trust them. Influencer marketing works like word of mouth, but instead of consumers to consumers, it is from influencers to consumers. Such word-of-mouth marketing is shown to generate twice the amount of sales compared to that of paid advertising, as found in a study by McKinsey.

In a world saturated by advertising, it is hard for consumers to trust the claims that advertisers make. Thus influencer marketing through word of mouth by influencers, promotes credibility and trust. This erodes any cynicism that traditional advertising used to have, because influencers know how to build trust. They are particularly adept at creating their content and promoting it, such that consumers believe in their recommendations.

It is social

The digital space is constantly evolving and it is true, without a doubt, that the world has shifted to the online space. Traditionally, consumers used to rely on advertisements to make their purchasing decisions. However now, consumers engage in their own research online before making purchases. This is where influencers come into play. Consumers can read about the reviews and experiences influencers have, and spark consumer’s intent to purchase the product.

If businesses do decide to engage in influencer marketing, it is highly important to choose the correct influencers. The influencers chosen has to be relevant to the company’s product, similar to their target audience and have a clean reputation.

The only drawback about influencer marketing is that the image of the product is highly associated with the influencer, thus any negative image that the influencer may have may impact consumer’s attitude towards the brand’s product.

Influencer marketing is definitely worthy to engage in, so businesses should start building relationships and trust with influencers. With the right influencers, businesses can gain targeted exposure and reach out to consumers who are likely to pay more attention. Hence businesses should definitely start engaging in influencer marketing now, and be amazed at where it could take them to.