What is Facebook Targeting?

Facebook, with a huge number of users, is a gold mine of data. As soon as a user signs up, it collects data and continues to do so based on the user's activities. Facebook soon realised how useful this data was for its advertising platform. Hence, it chose to create Facebook targeting. Business advertisements can now reach the right customers by using the advanced targeting options on the Facebook Advertisement platform. These options include:


Target people located in places where the business is in. Simply enter the country, postal codes or addresses to show or exclude advertisements to people in those locations. After that, businesses can choose to target

Everyone in this location - Target Facebook users who last updated their account in the targeted location

People who live in this location - The location set in a user's Facebook profile

People recently in this location - Based on mobile device usage of Facebook users

People travelling to this location – Users who had travelled to the targeted location recently which is at least 100 miles away from their home


Find the people in the business’s target market using their characteristics. There is a long list of characteristics to choose from, including

Age – Target users within a specific age range

Gender – Choose a particular gender to target, or both

Education – Find users based on their education level, field of study or school

Work – Target users based on their employer, job title, industry and office type

Life Events – Users who are experiencing life events such as an anniversary, marriage or moving to a new house

Parents – Search for users who currently have a baby, toddler, teenager etc.


Allows businesses to target people by their hobbies, favorite TV shows, the kind of food they like and so on. It helps them to target people specifically interested in subjects relating to the product, who are likely to become customers.

Some examples of broad categories of interests are

Business and Industry - Any business or industry, such as advertising, banking, engineering etc

Entertainment - Games, live events, movies, music, reading and TV

Food and Drink - Users interested in different types of beverages, cuisine, cooking, food and restaurants

Hobbies and Activities - Hobbies and activities relating to arts and music, current events, home and garden, pets, politics and social issues, travel and vehicles

Technology - Choose technologies relating to computers or consumer electronics


Based on the activities that people do on or off Facebook, such as their purchasing behaviors, what kinds of devices they use and travel preferences.

The categories include

Automotive – Target people based on the type of vehicles they own or lease

Charitable Donations – Useful for social businesses to target users that support the same cause

Digital Activities – Actions done by users online, such as shopping online, create events, upload photos

Financial – How users are investing or spending their money, and the kinds of insurance they own

Mobile Device User – The kinds of device used to access Facebook

Purchase Behavior – Items that the user has bought online

Residential Profiles – Finds users who are likely to move, or recently moved, bought a home or borrowed mortgage

Travel – Based on how users travel, travel destination and reason for travel

Advanced Targeting

These are additional options available that improves efficiency in targeting customers:

Custom Audiences - Allow the business to target ads to current customers and prospects. Simply upload customer files such as an email list to find them on Facebook. Alternatively, they can create a list of people who have visited the website, people who did a specific action in the app or game, or have engaged in the content on Facebook.

Lookalike Audiences – Helps the business find people who are similar to their customers, and hence are likely to be interested in the product as well.

Overall, what you have read is an overview of what Facebook targeting is. The next step for businesses would be to experiment with the targeting options. With the right combination, businesses will be able to increase the return on investment of the Facebook Ads.

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