Are emailers still effective?

Emails are easily one of the oldest marketing tools on the internet. With the rise of newer online marketing tools such as social media and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), they seem to have become outdated. However, they are far from becoming obsolete and are still effective in marketing today. Here are some of the reasons why:

Emails are still being used by people

According to a study done by Radicati Group, there will be more than 3.7 billion email users worldwide by the end of 2017. These email users not only consist of the older generation, but millennials and teenagers as well. Adestra’s 2016 Consumer Adoption and Usage Study revealed that the younger generation is still using email, with 68 percent of teens and 73 percent of millennials preferring to receive communication from a business through it. This means that emailers have the potential to reach out to a huge audience and a variety of market segments. Hence, it is definitely an effective method to reach any kind of target audience and significantly increase awareness of the business.

Emailers can strengthen relationships with customers

Emailers allow marketers to send relevant and insightful information to an audience who want to know about it. By consistently offering useful information, it builds up a strong rapport with the audience. They will view the business as genuine in helping them learn, unlike other businesses that only focus on selling their product. This creates trust and credibility, and results in loyal customers that have strong relationships with the business.

Emailers are versatile

Emailers can be viewed on multiple devices other than computers, such as mobile phones and tablets. They are increasingly being viewed on these alternative platforms, with 54% of emails now being opened on a mobile device. Additionally, social media, online video, brochures, posters and other marketing elements can be included within the emailer message. The audience can receive sufficient information about the business or product all at once, unlike social media and search engine advertising where there are character limits and limited options to add images or videos.

Emailers are evolving

There are many technological trends that can make emailers more effective in marketing. Hyper-target, location-based email marketing will be possible thanks to integration of proximity and geolocation applications. Eye-tracking technology that is mainly used for websites may be possible for email creatives in the future, enabling marketers to find out what appeals to customers. Emailers will be even more relevant by using technology that allows emails to be generated at moment-of-open, using more contextual data in real-time.

Clearly, emailers are still an effective online marketing tool today and will continue to be in the future. It would be a mistake not to include them as part of a marketing strategy.

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