Pros & Cons. Instagram for Small Businesses


  • Instagram is growing faster than any other social media platform with 50 times the engagement rate of Facebook.

  • Appeals very strongly to Millennials, a market segment whose buying power increases year by year.

  • Search and connect with potential customers easily.

  • Directly communicate to fans and people who have shown interest in your brand and business.

  • An easy and efficient platform for business to share their stories


  • High engagement rate on Instagram may not necessary translate into results.

  • No ability to include links/URLs in the caption.

  • High quality and original content may be tedious for business with a small budget to produce.

  • Target audience may not be on the platform.

  • With over 700 million users on Instagram, businesses may have a hard time trying to stand out.

Small businesses are usually in a tough spot when wanting to grow their community, but the positives of Instagram generally outweighs the negatives. As long as your business keeps a regular posting schedule and has good content that is catered to your consumers, you’ve nothing to lose!