Here's the details:


During this internship, you will learn how to market in the digital world. From creating ads on Facebook & Instagram, Google, Linkedin and to planning full-scope digital campaigns. We will teach you how to use all online marketing platforms - familiarisation, execution, analysis, optimisation & management of your campaign.

Below are the following that you will/may explore:

1. Facebook Marketing

2. Search Engine Optimisation

3. Search Engine Marketing

4. Google Display Network

5. Youtube Ads

6. Marketing Planning

7. Marketing + Sales Funnel Planning

8. Holistic and Integrated Digital Campaign Planning

9. Email Marketing Planning

and many more! 

If you don't have any experience, don't worry! We accept interns without prior knowledge/experience in digital marketing.

If you already know what you want to explore, we'll make sure you become the best at it.


Our interns are paid $600 - $800 based on skills and resume.


Apply for a fun learning experience to design for over 30 clients from 7 different industries. You will get the portfolio & knowledge you need.




Company Overview


Ninety Four is a digital marketing company that services clients with any and every digital business needs. From creating social media campaigns, to working with Instagram Influencers, to even doing the nitty gritty Google Search Optimisations (SEO) and building a website. We pride in creating a solution to any problem that our clients face and have helped over 50 businesses and are currently retaining around 15 clients. Our clients are also diverse and come from all types of industries from F&B, Furniture Retailer, Clothing Retailer, Florists, Car Dealerships, Shopping Malls, Child Care Centres, Interior Design and even Insurance Firms. Working with Ninety Four will definitely have all interns gain A TON of experience in many different scenarios.