Here's the details:


We are expanding our production team and are looking for long-term freelance animators to help us in creating only the best content for our clients.

We work with clients from F&B, Retail, Fashion, Education, Spas and many more industries. Take this chance to build your portfolio and get a constant flow of projects to work on!

We require our freelance videographers to have the following:​

2. A portfolio of past works

3. Knowledge & Experience in Adobe After Effects

4. Ability to meet deadlines & time management

5. Keen eye for detail

6. A creative mind


You will be attached to clients from start-ups to SMEs and may be able to explore animation for GIFs, explainer videos, branding videos and many more!


Apply for a fun learning experience to design for over 15 clients from 7 different industries. You will get the portfolio you need.


Company Overview


Ninety Four is a digital marketing company that services clients with any and every digital business needs. From creating social media campaigns, to working with Instagram Influencers, to even doing the nitty gritty Google Search Optimisations (SEO) and building a website. We pride in creating a solution to any problem that our clients face and have helped over 50 businesses and are currently retaining around 15 clients. Our clients are also diverse and come from all types of industries from F&B, Furniture Retailer, Clothing Retailer, Florists, Car Dealerships, Shopping Malls, Child Care Centres, Interior Design and even Insurance Firms. Working with Ninety Four will definitely have all interns gain A TON of experience in many different scenarios.